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Services: Sawmilling

Often, I will engage in a project that requires a special piece of wood that just can’t be bought from a lumber yard; so I have set up a sawmilling yard where I do custom sawing. I cut much of my own lumber and dry it myself for use in clients’ projects. Additionally, I perform custom sawing work for people who have their own trees and are looking to obtain high quality wood from them. My sawmill has a custom-made, log deck that is 24’ long, allowing me to saw logs up to 20’ long. Additionally, I have designed and built custom mini-bunks for my sawmill, allowing me to saw logs as small as 3' long that regular sawmills can’t accommodate. With my 36" bandsaw in the main workshop, and using the same beam-sized blade that I use on my sawmill, I can create project lumber from logs as little as 8" long! My focus with the sawmilling is to provide a service to a niche market with very specific needs. If you have a few logs that most mills won’t touch, call me and I would be happy to work with you to turn them into useable lumber.

The following are some of the benefits to my sawmilling philosophy:

Environmentally Conscious

  • I can mill lumber that would typically end up in a burn pile or chipper.
  • Logs that a regular milling operation can't accommodate can be milled by me.
  • Firewood and mulch are needed products; however, it is a shame to use large, hardwood, or loved old trees for this purpose.
  • My local lumber is the choice material for beautiful, useful, quality wood products with a story.
  • I use a band saw in the milling process. The blade is much thinner than the circular saws of larger wood mills and produces up to 75% less waste.


  • I harvest logs locally. Not only does that mean I can respond to your needs quickly and personally, it also keeps the costs of my services and products down.


  • I bring friendly, prompt service to my customers because I love what I do and take pride in delivering quality services and unique products.


I do it right.