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Services: Home Theater

I designs and construct custom home theater centres that compliment and enhance not only functional spaces, but also aesthetic spaces. I will create solutions for you that elegantly transform spaces for maximum function and visual impact while ensuring a harmonious blending with your present décor.

During the initial design process, I take special care when assessing the structural, ascetic, and functional elements for your project. I measure all of your current home theater equipment and explore options for future upgrades and design this into your theatre centre. Every project is finished with superior finish-carpentry detail, reflecting existing architectural or interior design elements.

I can also assist you with choosing home theater equipment that will work for you in your home as well as helping you choose high quality furnishing (like Natuzzi) that will last a lifetime.

With many years of experience in architectural design, construction, and fine-finish carpentry, I will create top-quality, home-theater solutions for your home.