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I am retired from contracting now and I'm keeping this page as a reminder of the work I have done.

I have a very diverse range of services that I am able to offer you. For more information on these services, just select the ones you are interested in from the list found below

My Contracting Services

With over thirty years of diversified experience in the contracting industry, I have a wide variety of services that I am able to over my clients.

Here is a bit more about my background and contracting philosophy.

If you would like me to do work for you, I have a variety of ways in which I charge for my work. The following table provides you with a rough guide to my labour rates:



Design and Drafting


Project Management




Cabinet Making


Shop Rate


Metal Fabrication


Tree Services

$200 — $6500 per tree

Snow Removal

$50/ up to 100m long lane to $90/ up to 500m long lane

Emergency Service Work (24/7 if home)

$90/hr min 4 hour charge


Fixed-Price Quotations

I can also provide fixed-price quotations for larger projects; however, there will be a charge for my time to prepare a fixed-price quotation. Also, there is no break down between materials and labour. You get one price. Typically, it works out better for you and for me if I work for you on an hourly basis. If the job goes much better than planned, it costs you less. When I have to provide a fixed-price quotation, I have to build into it a number of contingency costs, which usually don't all arise. However, you don't get a discount at the end because of that and often pay more than you would have if you paid me by the hour. The choice, nevertheless, remains yours.