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Wall Framing

Wall Framing

Unloading equipment and getting ready to begin framing.

Lumber arrives. Unfortunately, the camera lens cover sticks.

First wall laid out.

Ready to build the two side walls.

Side walls are built and they have the air barrier and rainscreen system already in place. This is far easier to
do when the wall is laying flat.

One of the owners nailing in some blocking on the rear wall.

Installing Blocking

My wife came out on the weekends to lend a hand with the work.


Photo op ...and a bit of nice cool water on your back feels great in the heat!

'course, what's good for the goose...

All four walls in place and well braced.
There was a wind warning over the next 24 hours and the structure stood fast in the face of the storm!

One of my helpers on this project. She and I were putting the roof trusses up by hand. We got about half
of them done in one day.