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Forms, Stone, Reinforcing Bar, Wire Mesh, Compaction, and Electrical Sweep

Friday July 8, work today consisted of building formwork, placing three lifts of gravel, compacting each lift for approximately an hour for each lift, bending and placing rebar, laying in wire mesh, and gluing up an electrical sweep to be set into the cement for possible future electrical. 

Below are some photographs and videos that show the work.

This photo is showing Town and Country Forming squaring the formwork by measuring the diagonals and adjusting the forms position.

The crew from Town and Country Forming adjusting the form height, using a laser level, just prior to placing the gravel

We had a large, tri-axle stone-slinger deliver the gravel and place it, using the conveyor arm.

Here is a video of the first lift being placed.

This is the first lift of stone being wetted down and compacted.

Here is a video showing the first lift being compacted.

Here is a video, showing the third lift being placed.

Here is the final lift of stone being compacted.

Here is the rebar set in and the WWM set in ready for the cement delivery.

The overall work for today. 
The 2" PVC conduit is glued together and will be placed into the cement, during the pour. It is for bringing electrical power to the garage at some point in the future. 
It is far easier to place this in the wet cement than to deal with it years later.