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Detailed Site Considerations

The owners have applied for a minor variance to allow the construction of their addition without having to make major changes to the design and location of the building. The neighbours are planning to oppose this variance. Thus, to provide the neighbours and council with evidence that the neighbours stated concerns are in error, I have shot 42 survey station points across the lane way, taken numerous photographs, shot a couple of short videos, and complied a document. All of these will demonstrate that the concerns aren't necessary. Additionally, I have created digital copies of documents put together by the owners to further support the variance application.

The following video illustrates that any water flowing off the septic area will flow downhill and into the property at 134 Cedar Cove Road.

The following video shows the existing slope of the eastern neighbour's property and the survey station points in the laneway (shown on the site drainage plan document)

The following video shows the new grade at the western neighbours property, which will drain any water in this area away from the neighbour's property (historically, water would have drained onto this neighbour's property). I say "east" in the video, but I should have said "west" instead.

The following video shows how the existing lane way grade has changed, which is a benefit to the eastern neighbour as more water will be carried into the property at 134 Cedar Cove Road.

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Jun 20, 2013, 4:44 PM