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I am retired from contracting now and I'm keeping this page as a reminder of the work I have done.

As an Ottawa native, I began my work in carpentry in 1977, working in new home construction, renovations, and additions. I first worked as a carpenter for Paul Manor Homes; and then for C & L Carpentry as a carpentry-crew foreman. I then went to the University of Ottawa to study Medicine, but other considerations prevented me from completing this pursuit. I went on to study Industrial Woodworking (today known as Cabinetry) at Algonquin College while I was an apprentice joiner/cabinetmaker working for Baillargeon Craft and Custom woodwork. I have also returned to Algonquin college to teach. I went on to work for CabinetTree Woodworks where the owner (and still a close friend) solidly supported my efforts to go into business for myself.

In 1984, as a Master Joiner/Cabinetmaker, I started my first company, called Wood Expressions, specializing in interior trim, custom woodworking, renovations, additions, custom kitchens, fine furniture, and architectural design. Wood Expressions was a thriving, innovative, and creative business. I took great pride in ensuring that my clients received high quality products and superb customer satisfaction. After several years, I incorporated and realigned the focus of my business heavily to architecture and formed the business A.C. Ferguson & Associates. At this time, I returned to Algonquin College and graduated with honours in the Architecture program. After many successful years in this business, I attended Queen's University and graduated with honours and became a high school teacher and closed my incorporated business.

Today, I continue to do numerous high-quality, woodworking commissions and teach full-time in a high school. In an effort to simplify my business operations, I simply use my own name to carry on my business endeavours. My focus is not to follow the production shop approach, but to provide individual clients the time and attention to detail necessary to meet their expectations in a timely and cost-effective fashion. My aim is to provide the same personalized service I always have, by fully understanding your needs and then transforming them into results. Whether your need is custom cabinetry or a special accent piece to compliment your home, you can find what you are looking for with me. My client base has grown significantly over the years thanks to solid recommendations of past customers. I welcome the opportunity to show you my portfolio and to answer any of your questions.