I am retired from contracting now and I'm keeping this page as a reminder of the work I have done.

I am a hands-on businessman/woodworker with over 28 years of diversified experience in the woodworking industry. Although classically trained, I embrace a wide range of modern technology and tools and equipment to bring your project to a timely and cost-effective completion.

Along with modern workshop equipment, my hand tools are constantly used to facilitate the finest of work, bringing a higher degree of excellence to your project than can be achieved with machine tools alone. It is my firm belief that it is this attention to the finest of details that separates a great project from a truly outstanding project.

I strive to meet your needs by listening closely to what you have to say about your project and examining how it will fit into your family and your lifestyle. This protects your interests, during all aspects of the process. I have the flexibility to tailor solutions to fit my clients' needs time and again. Ultimately, this proves to be cost effective and a very good use of time as it ultimately saves you money and me time.

My clientele has ranged from businesses to nonprofit organizations, from private residences to affordable housing, and from developers to religious institutions.